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In the midst of China's 1.5 billion population lies a diverse blend of cultures, harboring numerous individuals with incredible musical talent. At Zar ENT. China, we endeavor to discover and nurture such talents, seamlessly blending the beauty of the East with the musical sensibilities of the West. Our relentless efforts are aimed at producing top-tier artists and creating a captivating performance culture. 

In 2015, Vision Group expanded into China, establishing local subsidiaries and partnering with the top five Chinese broadcasting stations: Beijing, Honam Province, Jeollabuk Province, Sacheon City, and Gyeongnam Province. Together, we have created diverse Chinese broadcast contents, including movies, dramas, auditions, variety programs, and more.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with 24 Chinese universities, fostering cooperation in the fields of auditions and media content production. Through these partnerships, college students have actively participated in content creation, enabling us to expand China's entertainment industry and engage in technological exchanges.

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