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Perfume evokes memories. People typically remember 1% of what they touch, 2% of what they hear, 5% of what they see, but they remember 35% of the scents they smell. 

Mariposa is a premium perfume brand that combines the finest fragrances and the expertise of master perfumers. Our strategic focus lies in catering to the needs of the Generation Z and Silver Generation, embracing the trend of value consumption and healing therapy.

As a brand originating from the heart of perfumery in France, Mariposa will strive to touch the hearts of people around the world with beloved fragrances that leave a lasting impression.

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The Origin & Structure of Perfume

The Origin & Structure of Perfume

The word "perfume" has its origin in the Latin word "perfumum," which is a combination of "per," meaning through, and "fumum," meaning smoke. It signifies something that comes through smoke during the process of burning. 

In general, "perfume" refers to a collective term for various types of fragrances, including liquid perfumes and other imaginable forms. It encompasses a wide range of pleasant scents, odors, or substances emitting such smells.

Ultimately, the agreed-upon definition is "a form of alcoholic fragrance containing relatively high concentrations of aromatic substances."


Introducing our Exquisite Beer Collection

Base Note

These are the heavier, long-lasting fragrances that leave a lingering and essential impression on the beer's overall quality and character. They significantly influence the beer's longevity.

Top Note

The light and quickly evaporating fragrances that create the initial impression of our beer collection. They play a crucial role in determining the first impression of our products.

Middle Note

As the harmonious bridge between the base and top notes, these fragrances are stable and balanced. While their duration may not be as long-lasting, they contribute to a well-rounded and pleasant beer experience.

Mariposa THE MEMORY Series
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